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We provide access to high frequency historical crypto market data including the most granular order book delta updates, tick-by-tick trades and funding.

from tardis_client import TardisClient, Channel
tardis_client = TardisClient(api_key="<YOUR_API_KEY>")

messages = tardis_client.replay(
  filters=[Channel(name="book", symbols=["BTC-PERPETUAL"])]

async for local_timestamp, message in messages:

# pip install tardis-client
const { replay } = require('tardis-dev');

const messages = replay({
  exchange: 'bitmex',
  from: '2019-03-30',
  to: '2020-01-20',
  filters: [{ channel: 'orderBookL2', symbols: ['XBTUSD'] }],
  apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>'

for await (const message of messages) {
// npm install tardis-dev

Tick-by-tick market data replay

Reconstruct state of the limit order book at any given past moment in time across all supported cryptocurrency markets.

API access and CSV files

Get access to the data quickly thanks to our robust Python and Node.js API clients and downloadable CSV files.

Comprehensive data coverage

Increase probability of finding successful trading strategy by tapping into 70+ terabytes of raw tick historical data.

Focus on your research, not on data management

Take advantage of our battle-tested market data collection, storage and distribution infrastructure providing high availability and no API rate limits.

250 billions

Limit Order Book delta updates from 24 exchanges

70 TB

of historical market data, 7 TB new data added each month

18 000

exchanges' data messages collected per second

Integrate quickly with robust API

API access of each month's first day historical market data doesn't require API key.

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Node.js: replay BitMEX XBTUSD and ETHUSD markets tick-by-tick

Save on infrastructure and maintenance of in-house solution

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Access to selected instrument(s) data as it becomes available

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Real-time consolidated and normalized market data streaming is available via our open source libraries that connect directly to exchanges' WebSocket APIs — it's free, no vendor lock-in, no increased latency due to streaming data through 3rd party API.

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